The "Flip The Switch" Challenge, Explained

Confused about why you're seeing "Flip the Switch" challenge everywhere? The meme started on TikTok, and quickly went viral. We explained.

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Move over, cat/lady yelling meme, because you are so 2019. If you are old, like myself, the number one question on your mind from this weekend is: "Wait, what is that Flip the Switch thing I've been seeing all over social media?" Well, great news, because I have answers to all your questions. The Flip the Switch, Flip and Switch, or simply Flip Challenge is a viral sensation that started on TikTok and quickly spread to Twitter, Instagram, and finally Facebook. So what do we know about this social media sensation?

"Flip the Switch" comes from a Drake song.

The line derives from Drake's song "Nonstop." The lyric goes, "Look, I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) / I don't know nobody else that's doin' this."

In the meme, generally speaking, the setup is thus: Two people stand in front of a mirror, one in the foreground, one in the background, and the person in the back dances and moves around while the person in front holds the phone. Then the lights go out, and when they come back on, the people have reversed and are wearing the other's outfit. The person in the back is now dancing (they flipped it—get it? You get it.)

Since the challenge started, people have started experimenting with the format, with absolutely delightful results.

These "Flip Challenge" videos have helped it gain buzz.

This one between a dad and his daughter (both of them crack up approximately one second into the switch) is just darling:

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Oh dear Lord yes.

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Oh my God, my brain and heart just exploded simultaneously:

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I think the angry faces really make this one a chefs kiss for me (Go mama!):

Even though this one doesn't quite adhere to the same format, it's still a delight to watch:

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Celebrities got in on the meme.

Absolutely adorable couple A. Rod and J. Lo, willing to get goofy (it's one of their more endearing qualities):

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And, what might be my favorite of all time, Senator Elizabeth Warren with the SNL actor who plays her (you can actually see Kate McKinnon starting to break there at the end):

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I'm sure, like most trends, this one will be short-lived but absolutely epic. So keep searching that hashtag for a good laugh.

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