J.Lo and A-Rod Win Flip Challenge


Yesterday, on International Women's Day, the world woke up to the gift of a Flip the Switch Challenge so perfect, it's hard to match: Senator Elizabeth Warren and her SNL doppelgänger Kate McKinnon, dressed alike, doing their thing, flipped. It's actually tremendous. After watching it eleventy thousand times, it seemed safe to say that no one else would be able to create such a perfect 15-second flip clip.

But! Never sleep on Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez posted a clip from J.Lo's TikTok to Twitter last night, writing, "Late night tik toks @JLo #WaitForIt" and it is good. Really, really good. The clip shows J.Lo in a white knit dress belted at the waist showing off some Genie in a Bottle-esque moves while A-Rod, dressed in khakis, a white button-down, blazer, and aviator sunglasses films her in the mirror. But! But as A-Rod said, wait for it, because all of a sudden, the scene flips and it's Alex Rodriguez in the white knit dress belted at the waist showing off some Genie in a Bottle-esque moves (he's also wearing her earrings—have to love the attention to detail), while J.Lo films in her fiancé's outfit. Both of them are obviously trying their hardest to keep straight faces.

Well done, you two. Well done. Rodriguez has always been game to be the most helpful social media partner.

The couple, who've been engaged a year, are said to have set a wedding date for this summer. Although there are few details that have been shared so far, Us Weekly reports that at least one unexpected guest will be in attendance: “Marc Anthony will be at J.Lo and A-Rod’s wedding,” the outlet reports, explaining, Anthony and J.Lo “have always sustained a healthy and respectful relationship” even after they broke up in 2011.

Well, if this Flip the Switch clip is any indication of the shenanigans these two get up to, we can't wait to see all the Tik Toks that come out of their wedding!

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