Chrissy Teigen Revealed Her Baby Bump After Announcing She's Pregnant With Her Third Child

In a video shared on Twitter and her Instagram story Thursday, Teigen revealed her pregnancy bump, saying, "Look at this third baby shit!"

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I should not be so emotionally invested in a family I do not know and will never meet, and yet I am actively delighted by the news that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting a third baby, a younger sibling to Luna and Miles! While the couple strongly hinted at the pregnancy in Legend's music video for new single "Wild"—they stand by the ocean at the end of the video, Teigen resting her hands on her stomach—the supermodel made it very much official with a video she shared on Twitter and her Instagram stories. Wearing high-waisted leggings and a cropped blazer, she films her pregnancy bump in the mirror, saying, "Look at this third baby shit! What the...oh my God." 

In a YouTube live stream ahead of the "Wild" video premiere, as People reports, Teigen and Legend spoke about their relationship, sharing the ways they work together to keep their bond strong. "I know people see us in these music videos and it presents us like we have a perfect life," Legend said. "We are truly grateful for our life and our lives together and our family, but everybody has troubles and don't think you're alone if you're fighting with your spouse."

"We have the same communication issues as other people," Teigen said, while Legend explained that they've learned to "work around each other and know what works for one person versus the other."

"We grow together. We go to therapy and do all those things too," Legend said. "[We] try to take care of each other and be responsive to each other's needs."

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