Prince William and Prince Harry Wouldn't Have a Feud If Princess Diana Were Alive Today, Her Bodyguard Says

"She had tremendous influence over them both."

Princess Diana with Young Prince Harry & Prince William
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  • It's common knowledge among royal fans that Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship has been strained in recent years.
  • According to Princess Diana's longtime body guard, Ken Wharfe, the brothers wouldn't be "feuding" at all if their mother were still alive today.
  • "She had tremendous influence over them both and I simply don’t think they would have fallen out like this had Diana been around," he said.

All brothers argue from time-to-time and Prince William and Prince Harry are no different. What is different about the royal brothers is that when they're not getting along great, the whole world starts gossiping about it relentlessly. Both Will and Harry have been open (well, as open as royals ever are, at least) about the strain their relationship has been under recently, with Harry going so far as to say they're "on different paths at the moment" in a recent documentary about his royal tour of Africa with Meghan Markle.

Royal insiders think there's one person who could have stopped their recent falling out from escalating to the point that it did though: Their late mother, Princess Diana. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Diana's former protection officer Ken Wharfe explained why he thinks the People's Princess could have changed the way Will and Harry communicate today. 

"She had tremendous influence over them both and I simply don’t think they would have fallen out like this had Diana been around because she wouldn’t have allowed it to escalate," he explained. "She’d have quickly instigated a resolution. I don’t think Harry and Meghan would have left KP [Kensington Palace] if Diana was still around. If she could see the brothers at war, she’d be very upset about it. She always loved the fact the boys were so close."

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