Celebs Join the #MyNameIs Movement on Twitter After GOP Senator Mocks Kamala Harris Pronunciation

Celebrities are joining the #MyNameIs trend on Twitter and sharing the meanings and origins of their names in support of Kamala Harris.

  • The hashtag #MyNameIs is trending on Twitter in response to a viral video featuring GOP Senator David Perdue mocking the pronunciation of vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris' name.
  • "Kamala or Kamala-mala-mala-mala, I don’t know. Whatever," Perdue says in the clip, which was filmed at a Trump rally in Georgia.
  • Several celebrities have joined in on the movement, taking to Twitter to share the origins and meanings behind their names in solidarity.

Celebrities are coming together to share the meanings and origins behind their names as part of the #MyNameIs hashtag on Twitter. The movement started after a video of GOP Senator David Perdue openly mocking vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ name went viral recently.

"Kamala or Kamala-mala-mala-mala, I don’t know. Whatever," Perdue says during the video, filmed at a Trump rally in Georgia.

Jon Ossoff, who is currently running against Perdue to represent Georgia in the Senate, took to Twitter to decry the comments.

"My opponent, GOP Sen. David Perdue of anti-Semitic attack ad infamy, just mocked Sen. Harris' name as 'Kamala-mala-mala-whatever' at a Trump rally," he tweeted along with a clip of the moment. "We are so much better than this."

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In the wake of the video going viral, the #MyNameIs trend took off on Twitter as people shared the stories behind their own names in solidarity with Harris. Here are some of the celebrities who have joined in on the movement.

Daniel Dae Kim

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Kal Penn

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Debra Messing

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Lea Thompson

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Michelle Kwan

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Patton Oswalt

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Billy Baldwin

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