Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Probably Never Return to the Royal Family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle consider the royal exit a success, according to royal author and expert Katie Nicholl.

  • It's officially been a year since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to leave their roles as senior working royals.
  • A year later, the exit is generally considered a success according to royal author and expert Katie Nicholl.
  • "They can now look back a year on and probably celebrate their decision," she explained.

It's been a whole year now since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step back from their role in the royal family. When the Sussexes negotiated their royal exit with the Queen, the initial plan was to give them a year as a kind of test run to see how it was working out for everyone involved. According to royal experts, it's working out very well indeed.

"The general consensus is that this 'divorce' has worked," royal author and expert Katie Nicholl told ET Online. "Meghan and Harry left the royal family to become independent, to become financially independent. They've absolutely achieved that this year. They can now look back a year on and probably celebrate their decision."

Here are some other highlights from Nicholl's recent interview about the royal exit.

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle meet with the Queen in March to negotiate the royal exit going forward?

"There really isn't going to be a sort of formal sit-down in March. That was never the plan. Yes, there was always going to be a year probation, but this has been a year in the works. This is a year where Harry has communicated on a regular basis with his grandmother. The general feeling is that the couple are sticking to the terms of the agreement."

"Everything that they are doing is very much in keeping with that tone of respect towards the establishment and the monarchy. So this idea that there's going to be a big formal sit-down to discuss the future is really a fabrication, I think, of the press...discussion have been ongoing ever since they left the royal family."

Are there any issues that still need to be negotiated for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

"The matter over Harry's military titles is one of the few issues that remain outstanding, that does need to be tidied up."

"In terms of their portfolio of patronages and charities, as far as the couple is concerned, they plan to continue working with those patronages and charities as they have been over the past year. So when issues arise, they will be dealt with."

Did Meghan Markle cause the royal exit?

"Harry has wanted a way out for quite a long time. Don't forget this is a prince who was born a spare, who has always had to play second fiddle to his brother [Prince William]. I think Megan was a catalyst for a new life for him. She really gave him the confidence to say, 'OK, there is another way.' I don't think it's any secret that for a long time when they were here in Britain they were not happy…So what might have seemed daunting, terrifying, even a year ago because this has, make no mistake, been a leap of faith, I think now it looks like a very exciting adventure for the couple. I don't think there are any regrets…They are excited about this year, they're very excited about this chapter in their lives, they are loving their new lives in L.A. and they are very happy."

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