Meghan Markle's Candid 2013 Interview With Larry King Has Been Unearthed Following His Death

Following Larry King's death, his 2013 interview with Meghan Markle and her Suits costar Patrick J. Adams is making the rounds online again.

  • This weekend, news broke that longtime television host and interviewer Larry King had passed away after being hospitalized with COVID-19 in late December. King was 87.
  • In the wake of his passing, several of King's past interviews have been making the rounds online again, including a 2013 interview with Meghan Markle and her Suits costar, Patrick J. Adams
  • In the interview, Meghan discussed her Suits character, her pre-acting gig as a professional calligrapher, her first audition, and more.

Famed interview and host Larry King passed away this weekend at the age of 87 after news broke earlier this month that he had been hospitalized with COVID-19. As people around the world remember the late broadcaster, many of his old interviews are making the rounds again online, including a 2013 interview with Meghan Markle and her Suits costar, Patrick J. Adams.

In the lengthy interview, which clocks in at almost 26 minutes, Meghan and Patrick discussed their Suits characters and dealing with growing fame, as well as touching on some more personal topics, like their pre-acting jobs and first auditions. Here are some highlights from Meghan's revelations during the vintage interview.

On why Suits worked:

"I really do think, like, the sexiness of the show and the intrigue of the show is the fact that these characters are so layered and, and people really relate to them. They know someone or they want to know someone like they see on that show. So I think that's what brings people back. And then the New York of it all is pretty enticing."

"I mean, of course, it's so flattering. It's so lovely and at the same time I think it's an eye opener that our lives have really changed. You know, to go from having some anonymity to now, the privacy is gone. But it's great that the show is so successful and that's part of what comes with it."

On her first audition:

"I had had a lot of commercial auditions, but my first—when I was really giving this go—my first audition was for a film called A Lot Like Love which my friend, Lindsey, was working in the casting office for and I went in for a girl that says 'hi.' And I remember going into the director and literally they're like, 'So, can you say hi?' And I said, 'I can, but I read the script and I really respond to this character, and I would love to read for that.' And I remember they were just like, well, this girl is certainly has moxie."

On her dream date night:

"Staying in, cooking something delicious, watching something great on TV, and doing a lot of nothing." 

On her pre-acting gig as a professional calligrapher:

"Actually, it's funny my girlfriend from college, I'd written a thank you note to her mom after staying with them for Thanksgiving and her mom called me and said, 'You know what, I'm doing a dinner party. You can you do the place cards.' And what I soon realized about calligraphy is its own advertisement. Because one person sees a place card and says, 'Who wrote that?'....I was fortunate to have pretty good handwriting and then monetized it for a bit."

Watch the full interview for yourself below:


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