Meghan Markle Shared Who She Leaned On For Support Over the Past Year

Meghan Markle sought comfort from her two rescue dogs, Pula and Guy, over the past year, according to the CEO of her royal patronage, animal charity Mayhew.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had an acutely challenging 2020: Alongside the COVID-19 pandemic and the renewed global spotlight on police brutality and anti-Black racism, the Sussexes stepped down as senior royals and suffered the personal tragedy of a miscarriage. One of the Duchess of Sussex's charity connections told Hello! that Meghan sought comfort from a particular source over the past year: her rescue dogs, labrador Pula and beagle Guy. 

Meghan is royal patron of London animal welfare charity Mayhew, and according to the charity's CEO Caroline Yates, she regularly checks in for updates on their work. Speaking to Hello!, Yates shared, "Whenever we talk to the Duchess about the charity, she always references how important her dogs are and what a support they are, particularly during everything that's happened this year, with COVID, and with the personal trials and tribulations she went through this year."

"It was really nice to share our experiences with her about how important animals are when things are tough and what a comfort they can be," Yates added. "That's what Mayhew is all about, that's what we want to try and encourage, we want to try to promote the human-animal bond and what a great source of comfort and stimulation and joy pet ownership can be."

The Sussexes selected Mayhew to share their family Christmas card in December, which featured an illustration of Meghan, Harry, son Archie Harrison, and dogs Pula and Guy in front of a garden playhouse. Yates said the charity was "thrilled" by the honor. "We had no idea what it would look like before we got the photo, and when we saw it, we thought, 'Oh wow!' It's very family-oriented, it was really lovely," she said.

Emily Dixon
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