Meghan Markle's Fans and Celebrity Friends Are Fiercely Defending Her

"Man, I can’t with these racist little royal birds out here coming for Meghan Markle from the shadows...Where is Arya Stark when you need her[?]"

After CBS released a series of previews for Meghan and Harry’s upcoming Oprah special that promises to drop many bombshell revelations, the British press ran a few stories of their own about the embattled couple. On Tuesday, the Times of London published a report alleging that the Duchess bullied members of her staff in 2018. In response to the allegations, Meghan and Harry released a statement calling the claims a “calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation.”

Following the release of the Times report, Buckingham Palace launched an investigation into the matter. The Sussexes themselves have blamed the Palace on the report, with their lawyers saying that they are “using” the publication to “peddle a wholly false narrative.”

The bullying allegations come at a conspicuous moment for the couple; in the run-up to the Oprah special, it seems as though both the British press and the Palace are seeking to preemptively discredit Meghan, although Buckingham Palace denies their involvement in the timing of the Times report.

Naturally, celebrities and friends of Meghan’s took to social media to express their support for the Duchess, while others appeared to harbor negative feelings toward the royal. Here’s a roundup of the most notable reactions from the week:

Actress Gabrielle Union, musicians Toni Braxton and Chance The Rapper, and writer Roxane Gay expressed frustration with the British press.

Game of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel finds the media fixation with Meghan kinda pathetic:

The actress Aisha Tyler and entrepreneur Meena Harris didn't mince words–they called the whole thing straight-up racist:

Meanwhile, Union also wanted to remind everyone to always protect Black women:

The Duchess' Suits family also came to her defense, with producer Silver Tree, creator Aaron Korsh, and co-star Patrick J. Adams sharing sweet messages on Twitter:

Others found the "stench" of the royal family's "desperation" rotten.

And Meghan's good friend Lindsay Roth shared a long note on Instagram in solidarity.

All the while Piers Morgan and company sat around angry tweeting:

All the while Piers Morgan and company sat around angry tweeting:

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