The Queen Reportedly Kept a Picture of Her and Prince Philip as Newlyweds in Her Purse at His Funeral

She also brought one of the handkerchiefs he always wore in his suit pockets.

Queen Elizabeth II at Prince Philip's Funeral
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  • Even though she famously sat alone at Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday, a royal insider says the Queen found a way to keep a part of her late husband close to her during the service.
  • According to a report from the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth II is said to have brought at least two mementos with her to remind her of her husband of 73 years, a photo from their trip to Malta as newlyweds and one of Philip's white handkerchiefs from the Duke of Edinburgh's Savile Row tailors, Kent & Haste.
  • The Queen also left a handwritten note to her late husband on the coffin. She reportedly signed the short letter "Lilibet," a childhood nickname that Philip is thought to be the last person to have called her.

The Queen privately honored Prince Philip in a special way during his funeral.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the Queen brought a few special mementos with her to the funeral, at which she had to sit alone due to COVID-19 guidelines. Keeping the special items with her was apparently a way for the Queen to feel close to her husband of 73 years during the service.

A royal insider told the paper that Queen Elizabeth II was planning to bring one of Philip's signature white handkerchiefs with her in her purse. The handkerchiefs were made by the Duke of Edinburgh's Savile Row tailors, Kent & Haste, and were a classic part of his style. Philip wore the handkerchiefs folded into squares and tucked into the breast pock of his suits.

The handkerchief wasn't the only thing the Queen was said to have included in her purse in memory of her late husband.

The Daily Mail also reported that the Queen brought a cherished picture of herself and Philip together in Malta as newlyweds. The trip was one of the Queen's favorite memories and she later described it as the only time she was able to live "normally," according to the Mail.

The Queen also left a personal, handwritten note to her late husband on Philip's coffin. The monarch reportedly signed the note "Lilibet," a childhood nickname that Philip was reportedly the last person to still call her by.

queen elizabeth letter to philip

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