The Queen's Old Malta Villa Can Now Be Yours, if You Have a Spare $6.7 Million

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    • The couple spent time there together as newlyweds, for the first few years after their marriage—but has since fallen into disrepair.

        Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, when they were first married, spent significant time in Malta at their Villa Guardamangia. The "palazzo-style mansion" is apparently gorgeous, although it's fallen into disrepair since then. The residence is now on the market for 5.3 million pounds, which, roughly translated, is $6,753,233. Please, come join me as I ogle this gorgeous historical residence.

        Here's more details about the place, which sounds like it might need an update (just like Frogmore):

        With six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a grand "sala nobile" living room plus "various guest/servant quarters," the villa—which spans over 1,560sqm—has "great historical value," they said. Despite the price, its opulence has faded into dilapidation in recent decades, with images showing overgrown gardens and a weathered facade.

        The Queen apparently is very fond of the residence, saying in 2015, "Visiting Malta is always very special for me. I remember happy days here with Prince Philip when we were first married." So this is the spot of royal newlywed bliss—just sayin'. In fact, here's a picture of them at the villa:

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        And another, because, old-timey photos are the best!

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        And here are some photos of what it looks like now:

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        Guys let's pool together and get it. Summer home??

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