Beyoncé Makes a Very Compelling Case for Green Leather Micro Shorts

This outfit!

  • Beyoncé wore green leather micro shorts in a recent Instagram post, and now I need some green leather micro shorts.
  • Bey paired the Jacquemus shorts with a python print blouse by TLZ L'Femme and snakeskin shoes by Francesco Russo.
  • The Queen also shared a stunning neon look by Balmain.

Sure, I might live in the U.K., where summer comprises a total of eight sunny days, interspersed with weeks of solid rain. And sure, my bank account isn't exactly equipped to make spontaneous luxury purchases. But Beyoncé just wore a pair of green leather micro shorts by Jacquemus, and now there is no other option but for me to own them too, even though they're sold out everywhere and I will never have an occasion to wear them!

Bey posted a series of photos in the aforementioned micro shorts on Instagram Wednesday, pairing them with a custom blue python print blouse by TLZ L'Femme and ankle tie snakeskin shoes by Francesco Russo (as spotted by superlative Beyoncé fashion source @stylebeyonce). Alas, there's pretty much no way to directly replicate her look: the Jacquemus shorts are sold out, as are the shoes, while the blouse, as a custom piece, isn't for sale (I would, however, pledge my firstborn child to own this TLZ L'Femme catsuit.)

Beyoncé followed up the outfit with another excellent ensemble, this one an all-neon look. Bey wore a structured neon green minidress by Balmain (also custom), finishing the look with neon pointed-toe pumps, a neon mini bag, gold and yellow earrings, and tinted sunglasses. Stylist Zerina Akers noted the look came a decade after Olivier Rousteing became creative director of Balmain, writing on Instagram, "Happy 10 year anniversary @olivier_rousteing! @beyonce in @balmain."

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time I set up some alerts for those Jacquemus shorts on every available consignment app.

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