Alex Rodriguez Wants To Get Back Together With Jennifer Lopez After Split

It's been two weeks since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez officially announced their split, but Rodriguez is reportedly hoping the exes will reunite.

It's been two weeks since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez officially announced their split, with sources stating Lopez could no longer trust her former fiancé—but Rodriguez is reportedly hoping the exes will reunite. "Alex seems to have a harder time letting go," an insider who's close to Lopez told People. "He still wants to get back together with Jennifer. But to her, their relationship is over."

The couple's split seems like an amicable one: Lopez and Rodriguez were spotted having dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles last week, with the insider explaining they met to "talk business and how to move forward in a friendly way." The source added, "Jennifer and Alex are figuring out how to be exes and still remain friends."

Their main priority? Their children, Lopez's twins Emme and Max and Rodriguez's daughters Ella and Natasha. "They want to be as considerate of them as possible," the source said. "Jennifer has been such a big part of Alex's daughters' lives, and she will continue to be a big part." (Indeed, J.Lo posted a sweet photo on Instagram to mark Ella's 13th birthday last week.) "She loves his girls. Their split is trickier because of the kids."

According to the insider, Lopez will continue to spend a significant amount of time in Miami, where she previously shared a home with Rodriguez. "Jennifer's kids attend school in Miami, so this will still be their home base," the source shared.

Emily Dixon
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