Jessica Mulroney Shared a Cryptic Instagram After 'The Me You Can't See' Aired

"Speak out for what you believe in..."

jessica mulroney
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On Saturday, one day after Prince Harry's docuseries with OprahThe Me You Can't See, dropped on Apple TV+, Meghan Markle's longtime friend Jessica Mulroney posted a cryptic note to her Instagram Story: "Speak out for what you believe in when you are ready. No matter how loud the other voices are, yours is the only one that should matter." Harry spoke at length about his wife and their family in the docuseries, sharing details about their two-year-old son Archie and the mental health struggles both he and Meghan have faced.

Although Mulroney has stated that she and Meghan—who met a decade ago in Toronto and have been BFFs ever since—remain close, rumors continue to fly about their friendship in light of the 2020 controversy surrounding Mulroney. Last June, amid the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the nation following the murder of George Floyd, influencer Sasha Exeter accused Mulroney of threatening her. In a screenshot shared by Exter, Mulroney said: "If you go to the press over this nonsense and threaten to go to your followers, I won’t be afraid to go to brands and tell them what you are doing to me."

jessica mulroney

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"Jessica basically ticked every single box of what a white woman should absolutely not do during the biggest racial uproar in history," Exeter wrote on Instagram. In response, Mulroney's CTV show, I Do Redo, was scrapped, and several of her partners cut ties with her. (Mulroney later shared texts that she said added context to her comments to Exeter.) Commenting on the controversy, Mulroney brought up Meghan: "I have lived a very public and personal experience with my closest friend where race was front and centre. It was deeply educational. I learned a lot from that."

It was reported that Meghan "could not get over" Mulroney bringing her into the conversation, and that they had been growing apart for a while. Later that year, Mulroney shared a photo from Meghan's wedding to her Instagram, but deleted it three days later. The Post quoted a source as saying: "[Their] friendship is not what it was once, but it’s not because of [Exeter]. They’ve just grown apart. Of course, Meghan has been worried about Jess. She’ll always have love for her."

While Mulroney has maintained that she and Meghan remain friends, Meghan has not commented on the controversy. In March 2021, Meghan seemingly sent Mulroney flowers, which Mulroney shared to Instagram: "LUCKIEST FRIEND XXXX, THX MM," she wrote.