Joe Jonas Posts a TikTok of Sophie Turner (Playfully) Slapping Him in the Face

Joe Jonas is on tour for the Jonas Brothers: The Remember This Tour—and his wife, Sophie Turner, is along for the ride, helping with his pre-performance ritual.

joe jonas and sophie turner
(Image credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff)

Joe Jonas is on tour for the Jonas Brothers: The Remember This Tour—and his wife, Sophie Turner, is along for the ride (so lucky!). He's been sharing details on his TikTok, including one video showing how he prepped for their Mountain View, CA, performance on August 27. Oh yea, and it was of Turner very gently smacking him across the face??

Captioning the photo, "Ok now I'm ready for you Mountain View!!" it looks like Turner (who's wearing a mask) winding up while Jonas braces himself. She ever so gently taps his face and he grins and jumps up and down, clearly amped up. Wait, so is this a thing? Does she do this before every show? Is this their pre-concert ritual??

Turns out, yes, Jonas does like to be smacked before he goes on stage, as he told Jimmy Fallon in a 2020 interview. "I need a good slap in the face, need to do some pushups, you know, normal things you would think before the stage, jumping jacks, I usually try to blast Queen," he explained.

Commenters immediately told Turner to slap Jonas harder (lol) and a bunch of people referenced her iconic Game of Thrones character. "Just realized technically ur a stark," wrote paruhsahyt. "That queen in the north energy is no joke," wrote omgfaiza. "imagine if she's in dark phoenix mode," wrote opet100, referencing her X-Men character.

Even though it's a little hard to see Turner's face, fans are convinced it's her—and, looking at the selfie Jonas took of him and Turner (shared to his Instagram Stories), she's wearing the same updo and jeans.

joe jonas and sophie turner pose for a selfie

(Image credit: Joe Jonas)

So, basically the video is just another hilarious look at their marriage! And hopefully we'll get lots more Turner as the JoBros continue on tour.

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