Exactly What Kanye West Said to Kim Kardashian West at Their 'Donda' Wedding Recreation

“He was smiling so hard," according to a source.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian-West
(Image credit: Twitter ¦ Apple Music)

At Kanye West's listening event Donda, which has garnered significant controversy, Kim Kardashian West made a dramatic appearance: it looked like she was re-marrying the singer-songwriter-producer (opens in new tab) in a wedding dress and veil from Balenciaga's Fall 2021 Haute Couture collection. In real life, the two are are in the process of getting a divorce (opens in new tab), which makes the fake ceremony—recreating their 2014 wedding—all the more surprising.

And according to a source talking exclusively to Us Weekly (opens in new tab), we have more details of exactly how that onstage moment went down. “He was smiling so hard you could feel his energy radiate as he was looking at her,” said the eyewitness. “If you watch the video from the [event], you will see he said, ‘You look pretty.'”

The source explained that no one knew the rapper's estranged wife would be making an appearance, but that it was emotional: Kardashian West had a “beautiful aura” when she came on stage. “His face lit up ... The choir was singing during the song and everyone started to tear up.”

Fans were confused (opens in new tab), to say the least, but “if other people think it’s strange, it’s OK, because Kim doesn’t,” the person added. “She thinks it’s cool, great for his art and their relationship and loves to show her kids how much she supports him.”

According to a source talking to People (opens in new tab), it's not that the couple is getting back together but "this more holistic sense of love as a healing force," adding, "The thing that's important is it's not at all about them getting back together or something like that."

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Kardashian West shared photos (opens in new tab) of her onstage as well as backstage photos with her, West, and their children. She hasn't commented publicly about some of the controversy, but reports are indicating (opens in new tab) she might not have known about some of the aspects from the performance beforehand.

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