Victoria Beckham Posted a Cheeky Instagram Pic of Her Husband

“Happy Sunday, you’re welcome!”

David & Victoria Beckham
(Image credit: Getty Images ¦ Joe Maher/BFC)

Victoria Beckham has led many lives—Spice Girl, fashion designer, TV host, tabloid lightning rod—and throughout all of these incarnations, she’s given her fans exactly what they want. Look no further than the Spice Girls’ entire, perpetually-relevant musical oeuvre! Or the fact that she was among the first prominent fashion designers to call on the rest of the industry to do more to support Black Lives Matter! Or even how she got vulnerable and revealed that the “Posh” nickname helped her overcome her shyness! She is truly the People’s Princess.

Plus, with her 22-year (!) marriage to football icon David Beckham, she’s become the somewhat unexpected poster girl for what a healthy celebrity family looks like. And over two decades and four kids later, the couple is still keeping things spicy (no pun intended).

Case in point: A rather cheeky (yes pun intended) Instagram pic Sunday morning, in which her husband is lounging by the pool wearing a speedo that is doing the very least amount of work possible:

Oh O.K.! At 46, David Beckham’s butt is still reminiscent of a Greek god’s—which is good for him, certainly, but mostly, good for her! And because she knows that this is some Grade A beefcake she’s bestowing upon us, she captioned the pic, “Happy Sunday, you’re welcome!”

Well, it is now! Thanks, Victoria! For everything.

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