Prince Charles Reveals the Charming Final Conversation He Had with Philip

The anecdote comes from the upcoming documentary, 'Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers.'

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From what we know so far, the upcoming BBC documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, airing in the UK on September 22, is going to be chock full of heartwarming, occasionally funny anecdotes about Philip, who passed away on April 9 of this year at the age of 99. We also know that Prince Charles, William, Harry, and a bunch of other royals agreed to sit down and share stories and memories of the Queen’s late husband of 70 years.

And now, we even know the last exchange that Prince Charles had with his father, which he shares in the documentary. According to the Daily Mail, which got a preview of the clip, Charles shares that he called Philip at Windsor Castle on April 8, to inquire about what his father might want to do for his upcoming 100th birthday. Philip had not been enthusiastic about the idea of anyone throwing him a party, so Charles approached the conversation delicately. The first time he tried to broach the subject, Philip (who was a bit hard of hearing) couldn’t understand him.

Charles explains that he tried again, yelling slightly: “We're talking about your birthday! And whether there's going to be reception!” To which, according to Charles, his father replied, “Well I’ve got to be alive for it, haven’t I?”

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Prince Harry with his grandfather, Prince Philip.
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It’s the kind of typically sharp-tongued retort the family knew to expect from Philip.

In another story that Prince William tells of his late grandfather, according to the Daily Mail, the two of them were driving around the Scottish estate at Balmoral and came across ta group of young hikers. According to William, “[Philip] stopped and wound down his window and said, 'Good morning. How are you getting on?' To which the smallest young chap at the back turned round and effectively said, 'Jog on Grandpa!'” (Though William admits what the hiker actually said was much ruder.) But Philip had found the exchange hilarious, and rolled his window up in faux-indignation, saying “The youth of today!”

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The documentary seems to be a charming celebration of the life of Philip, who represented the extended royal family for nearly a century. The documentary premieres in the UK on Wednesday, September 22. While there’s no word on when those of us stateside will be able to tune in, we’ll update when we find out.

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