Prince Louis’s Surprising First Words Were Baking Themed

Kate Middleton has a lot of cookbooks at home, apparently!

Kate Middleton and Prince Louis
(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Forget “mama” and “no,” and leave it to Prince Louis to have the most British first words ever. The Express resurfaced a surprising insight about the now-three-year-old prince that Kate Middleton revealed during a Christmas show—and it is so cute.

Any long-time Great British Baking Show fans in the states would recognize former show judge Mary Berry—the 86-year-old English baking icon—and apparently Kate Middleton and Prince William are fans, too. They both showed up during her A Berry Royal Christmas special a little while after Louis was born. During the show, Kate explained to Mary that one of Louis’s first words was ‘Mary,’ after seeing the chef’s face on his mom’s cookbooks.

“One of Louis’ first words was ‘Mary’ because right at his height are all my cooking books in the kitchen,” Kate said on the special. “And children are really fascinated by faces, and your faces are all over your cooking books and he would say, ‘That’s Mary Berry.’” She also added, “He would definitely recognize you if he saw you.”

The special itself had lots of cute moments in which Kate and Mary Berry bonded, including in this clip below, in which she also revealed that Prince William is a pretty good cook—he even used to make breakfast for Kate during their university days to try to impress her! Check out this clip:

We’re getting all sorts of cute news about little Prince Louis these days. Just this week, Kate revealed her kids’ latest fascination with airplanes while visiting an RAF base. Seems like these royal kids are surprisingly, charmingly normal.

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