Britney Spears Received an Adorable Doberman Puppy from Sam Asghari

Her name is Porsha and she's there for love *and* protection, according to Asghari.

Britney Spears Received an Adorable Doberman Puppy from Sam Asghari
(Image credit: Steve Granitz / Getty Images)

It seems like things are really looking up for Britney Spears since her conservatorship battle has started going in her favor! First, last month it was announced that Jamie Spears—her father, who Britney claims has been behind the allegedly “abusive” conservatorship agreement to control her finances—was suspended from the role by a judge. Then, on September 12, Britney got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari (after he accidentally posted a picture of the ring he was about to use—whoops). And now, her new fiancé has gotten her a super cute doberman puppy to start their new life together. Things are coming up Britney!

Asghari posted about the pup on his Instagram, captioning the photo, “Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the Family,” alongside a carousel of videos and pictures of the pup:

The puppy’s name is Porsha, and Asghari included the hashtag "#homesecurity" under the pictures of the cute pup. In the post, Asghari tells Spears (whose voice can be in the background of the first video) that, “She’s meant to unconditionally love you, and is gonna be trained to protect you from any motherf***er that comes around you with bad intentions.”

There’s been a bit of doggy drama in Spears’s life this year. According to People, in August Britney was under investigation for allegedly “striking” a former housekeeper, reportedly over the veterinary care of one of Spears’s other dogs. Per the publication, sources close to Spears said the report was a “fabrication” and her lawyers declined to comment on the allegations. The charges were eventually dropped.

And while Britney’s life seems to be much more on her own terms now, the drama around her conservatorship and finances isn’t quite done. She’s still under the conservatorship, though an upcoming hearing, scheduled for November 12, will reportedly involve a discussion about potentially ending it once and for all.

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