Kristen Stewart Has a Secret Instagram

She doesn't hate social media THAT much.

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It seems Kristen Stewart has had a change of heart on the social media front — or has she? The actress has revealed she's been keeping an Instragram on the down low. But before you get your smartphones locked, loaded, and ready to follow, just know it's strictly for her inner circle.

"I have a private Instagram so I can keep in touch with my friends because I'm always away," she told USA Today. "That's not social media. We have a shared photo stream."

And if you thought that you might find some solace in some Stewart-penned tweets, think again. She's wholy unenthused about the Twitterverse.

"What would I tweet about?" she posed. "Who are you talking to? What are you saying? Imagine sitting here right now and thinking, 'That's a good thing to say to the world?' I can't even understand it."

While we respectfully disagree with Stewart's denunciation of social media, we understand that she's got to maintain that intriguing, enigmatic status we've been hooked on all these years.

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