If Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Lindsay Lohan Had Thanksgiving Together

We're painting you a picture of what this painfully awkward holiday dinner would look like. Hint: There will be selfies. #DUH

The first to arrive is Kim Kardashian because she obviously has other places to be tonight. Have you seen the size of her family? "Lets get this over with," she whispered to Baby Nori. North couldn't respond because she's wrapped up like a burrito on a fur carpet. And because she's a baby, guys.

Suddenly, the paps are having a field day! Kim and Kanye are pulling into the drive way ON A MOTORCYCLE! Someone yells, "Woah. Is she... What is she doing!? Not safe, bro."
Then, Miley Cyrus shows up with her uninvited homies. When security gives her trouble at the door she screams, "This is our house, this is our rules, I DO WHAT I WANT TO," and makes this face:
Both Kim and Miley head inside wondering where Lindsay Lohan is. Turns out, she's upstairs naked in bed smoking a pre-turkey cig.
When she finally makes it down the stairs and over to the dinner table, these two are all like, "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!" Shocker.
After all the food their tiny celebrity frames could endure, everyone started to wonder where Miley went. Kim got up to check the bathroom and found her permanently stuck to the mirror.
"Ugh, I'm out of here," Kim sighed and walked towards the door. "I have to get back to arching my back in the sunset anyway." And with that, everyone left and went back to what they had been doing before:

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