Alicia Keys Had All the Love for Her Son Genesis on His 9th Birthday

"Never doubt your greatness! You are unforgettable!!"

Alicia Keys
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Another year is in the books for Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz's son Genesis, who turned 9 on Wednesday. Both of his parents shared proud messages as they wished their son a happy birthday.

Keys' message was filled with plenty of exclamation points as she heaped on the words of affection for Genesis. "Happy Born Day My Amazing Son! You are singularly spectacular!!! There is NO ONE like you!! That’s my favorite thing about you!! You know you! Keep being you," Keys wrote. "Never doubt your greatness! You are unforgettable!! Keep glowing!!!! You are adored on so many levels!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!"

The DJ and producer, meanwhile, joked that his youngest son is nine going on 19. "It’s a real Mob Boss Birthday aka Gen Capone," Swizz Beatz wrote on Instagram. "Happy 19th I mean 9th bday we love you so much." He also shared a second post about Genesis, calling him "Bear."

In 2021, Keys talked to Marie Claire UK about raising Black sons in America. "I really try to talk to them from a place of empowerment, from a place of recognizing the strength and the tenacity from which we come," Keys said. "I really like to share stories of their incredible ancestors," she added, emphasizing the prevalence of Black art in their home.

The 15-time Grammy winner celebrated the holidays with her two kids and three stepkids, complete with everyone wearing matching pajamas. It's clear there's plenty of love to go around—and the family wouldn't have it any other way.

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