Ariana Grande Asks Fans to Stop "Sending Hateful Messages" to People in Her Life Based on New Album Lyrics

She sent a clear message.

Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande will not condone "hateful messages" sent by fans looking to defend her.

Following the release of her new album, Eternal Sunshine, on March 8, the singer took to Instagram Stories to warn fans to stop messaging people in her life whom they believe hurt Grande. While she didn't name the people who were receiving these messages, it's likely that she was referring primarily to her ex-husband Dalton Gomez.

"I just wanted to say anyone that is sending hateful messages to the people in my life based on your interpretation of this album is not supporting me and is absolutely doing the polar opposite of what I would ever encourage (and is also entirely misinterpreting the intention behind the music)," Grande wrote.

"I ask that you please do not. It is not how to support me. It is the opposite. Although this album captures a lot of painful moments, it also is woven together with a through line of deep, sincere love. If you cannot hear that, please listen more closely. Thank you."

Ariana Grande on Instagram

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The singer has recently spoken out about people misunderstanding her and her relationships, saying on the Zach Sang Show, "I feel like we don’t need to go into any specifics, but, of course, there’s like an insatiable frustration, inexplicable, hellish feeling with watching people misunderstand the people you love and you and anything."

In December, she also said she felt "so deeply misunderstood" by people on the outside of her life looking in.

Last year, Grande was at the center of a whole lot of drama when it emerged that she was in a relationship with her Wicked costar Ethan Slater, with the timing of his separation from wife Lilly Jay raising eyebrows among fans at the time.

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