Did Ariana Grande Just Confirm Her New Album is Ready?!

That last slide, though!

Ariana Grande and Frankie Grande
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What a year, Ariana Grande's had, huh? The multi-hyphenate spent part of the year filming the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical, Wicked; she filed for divorce from her husband; she kicked Scooter Braun to the curb; she wrote and recorded an album; and she also maybe started dated SpongeBob. How does one top a year like that? A year of so many highs and lows on the extreme end of the spectrum?

Well, if you're Ariana Grande, you post a series of Instagram slides that seemingly confirm the new singer's album is done and ready to hit our ears in 2024, thanks to the caption "see you next year."

Whew! It's no wonder the girl is crying, happy, relieved, and exhausted in the final slide/video of the post.

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The Insta featured several images of Grande in the studio and with her musical co-conspirators making melody magic. There's even a slide that features Grande's mother, Joan, dancing to what we can only imagine is one of the new tracks.

Of course, there were also a few interwoven snaps of Grande's favorite red lipstick of the moment from her r.e.m. beauty collection. But we're most intrigued by the video at the end, which features a clearly exhausted and overwhelmed Grande, curled up on the couch, crying and laughing in equal measure as she tries to describe what she's feeling when asked by a man off-camera.

"Describe exactly what you’re feeling right now," he is heard asking.

"What?" she laughs.

"Just tell me exactly how you feel," he pushes.

"In what way?" Grande responds, clearly emotional despite not being able to see her face.

"Just general, like, what's going on in your life right now? Are you tired? Have you been working hard? Is this the almost last day of the album?" he asks.

Grande laughs in response, wiping away tears as she does. "I'm so tired! I'm so happy and grateful. I don't know, I also feel like I weigh 3,000 tons. Like, the idea of moving is impossible. I can't fathom."

Girl, we can't fathom what you must be feeling, either. But we're excited to hear how you turned it into art whenever this new album drops.

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