Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are the Latest Celebs to Put Their House on Airbnb

For fans in need of a vacation.

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are letting up to four lucky fans stay in their guest beach house in Santa Barbara County for one night on Aug. 19.

The actors are the latest celebs to partner with Airbnb to allow regular people to experience the A-list lifestyle, after Gwyneth Paltrow did the same a couple weeks back.

To promote the partnership, Kutcher took to Instagram to share a video he filmed with his wife, in which he shares with her his "dumb idea" to allow "complete strangers" to stay in their home. Here's how their exchange went.

Kutcher: Hey babe?
Kunis: Yeah? Oh no.
Kutcher: I have a really dumb idea.
Kunis: Why are you recording?
Kutcher: 'Cause it's a dumb idea, I want to make sure we get it in recorded history. OK. Here. It's dumber than my moustache, I promise.
Kunis: I'm sure.
Kutcher: Thank you.
Kunis: What's this idea?
Kutcher: OK, I think we should have complete strangers come and stay with us at the beach... It's so nice here.
Kunis: Like in real life?
Kutcher: Yeah, like real life.
Kunis: Why?
Kutcher: 'Cause it's really nice here, I think people will like it.
Kunis: Yeah, I think they'll like it too.
Kutcher: OK, so we're doing it?
Kunis: What?
Kutcher: Great!

Anyway, at some point or other Kunis came on board with the idea (if she wasn't on board the whole time), because the Airbnb listing is live (though already booked up, of course).

"Our Santa Barbara County beach house is our home away from home, especially when we’re in need of some R&R (you fellow parents know what we’re talking about)," the listing reads.

"Steps from the beach, and with beautiful views of the Santa Ynez mountains, you’ll find no shortage of sights and plenty of activities to make for an unforgettable summer stay."

As well as getting enjoy the house's stunning views and architecture, Kutcher and Kunis promise, "we’ll capture some content together to commemorate your SoCal stay."

Not a bad deal, all in all!

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