Fans Celebrate Blake Lively For 'Normalizing' Pumping At Disneyland

She called it a "2023 highlight."

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As everyone shares their 2023 recaps and favorite moments, Blake Lively is getting props for one of her memories in particular.

Lively shared a series of photos on Instagram from a trip to Disneyland Paris this year. The photos are pretty standard celeb-at-Disney fare: A few Magic Kingdom selfies, a shot taken inside the It's a Small World ride, that sort of thing. Except for one minor detail: One of the photos features Lively, some of the cast members of Ratatouille, and Lively's portable breast pump

"2023 Highlights: pumping at @disneylandparis 🥛 Cheers Remy," she captioned the carousel.

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She and husband Ryan Reynolds sort of announced the arrival of their fourth child in February. While they have kept mostly quiet about becoming a family of six, this small nod to the realities of motherhood earned her some major brownie points with fans.

More than one million people have now liked the photo, leaving plenty of praise in the comments.

"If you haven’t pumped while waiting in line at Disneyland what are you even doing?!" one commenter wrote. "Love normalizing pumping in public," said another.

Others were interested in finding out the pump's brand, citing the fact that it's not always so easy to find a good portable option. Overall, the post depicted a refreshing, and totally normal motherhood moment.

The next day, she shared another, slightly different mom memory. This one was a little... less relatable. "Only @michaelkors could get me to squeeze into gold sequins way too soon after having a baby. Love you MK," she captioned a photo of herself in a photo taken before the designer's show in September.

Same, girl.

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