The Cambridges Are Moving to "Modest" Adelaide Cottage, Sans Live-In Staff

Sounds like it's all part of the "slimmed-down monarchy" situ.

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Prince Charles, and the Cambridges after him, are reportedly planning to make the monarchy a much more casual and down-to-earth affair.

For Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children, their impending move to Windsor is the latest in a series of decisions that they hope will help make them more approachable and relatable.

After months of rumors about their plans to relocate to to the Queen's new hometown, we reported this past weekend that the move was in fact official. At that stage, their chosen home of Adelaide Cottage was still just a strong possibility, but it now seems to be all but confirmed.

The choice of this particular house is significant, not just because they may or may not have had to wrestle it away from Princess Eugenie (I'm joking, I'm sure there's no bad blood there), but also because it's, like, basically a normal family home (albeit one that's located on castle grounds).

"Kate and William were very keen for a modest home to start their new lives in Windsor," a source told The Sun.

"Adelaide Cottage fits the bill because it is a four-bedroom home and they do not need any more as they have no live-in staff.

"They were adamant they didn’t want anything too showy or anything that needed renovating or extra security so as not to be a burden on the taxpayer."

There is at least some amount of anti-royalism in the U.K. currently, so the Royal Family not costing the people too much is a real concern.

The Cambridges are taking this seriously, too: "They will pay rent from their private account," the source said. "All they need to do is move in some of their treasured furniture and possessions. The whole family is looking forward to moving in this summer and starting a new chapter in their lives together in Windsor."

The kids will all go to school together somewhere near the Berkshire town, and it doesn't hurt that grandparents Michael and Carole Middleton are just a short drive away in Bucklebury Manor.

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