Wait, Are Chris Rock and Amber Rose Dating?

The comedian and model were seen spending time together in New York City just one day after Christmas.

Chris Rock and Amber Rose attend THE CINEMA SOCIETY & TARGET host the after party for Roadside Attractions & HBO Films "GOOD HAIR" at The Standard on October 5, 2009 in New York City.
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It's as if the universe knew that a year filled with celebrity love stories—and breakups—couldn't end without a shameless dating rumor.

According to Page Six, comedian Chris Rock and television personality Amber Rose were spotted hanging out in New York City just one day after Christmas.

The outlet reports that the pair were "all smiles" during their "stroll" and before "making their way back to the comedian’s apartment."

While appearing to enjoy one another's company, Page Six reports that the two "did not show any signs of PDA" and noted that the "nature of their relationship is unknown."

Chris Rock, Amber Rose and Andre Harrell attend THE CINEMA SOCIETY & TARGET host the after party for Roadside Attractions & HBO Films "GOOD HAIR" at The Standard on October 5, 2009 in New York City.

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During his most recent standup Netflix special, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, Rock discussed his relationship status and after his 2014 split from Malaak Compton-Rock, his then-wife of 20 years.

“I’m single. I’ve been single for a long time,” he said at the time.

“I was married for a long time. I was dating somebody for a while. Now I’m single.”

After the comedian and actor's divorce was finalized in 2016, Rock was briefly linked to the likes of Lake Bell and British television host Sharon Carpenter, Page Six also reported at the time.

Rock and his ex-wife share two daughters, Lola Simone Rock and Zahra Savannah Rock.

"Everything I've done since I've had kids is better than the stuff I did before I had kids," he said in 2007, according to People.

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Rose has had her fair share of public breakups, starting with her 2010 split with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. Since then, she has been said to have dated Machine Gun Kelly, Odell Beckham Jr. and 21 Savage.

She was also briefly married to Wiz Khalifa—the pair share a son, 9-year-old Sebastian. Rose is also the proud mom to son Slash, whom she shares with Alexander "AE" Edwards.

After Rose and Edwards split in 2021, Rose swore off dating entirely.

“I want to be single for the rest of my life,” she said during a January, 2023 episode of the Sofia With an F podcast.

“I don’t want to share my house or my life with anyone. I don’t want anyone around my kids. I don’t want to have sex," she added. "I’m fine with being by myself too. I’m very happy to not share my bed with anyone."

Sometimes a walk around the city is just a walk around the city. Then again... *puts on tin foil hat*

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