Chrissy Teigen's Son Miles Knocked Luna's Tooth Out by Mistake While They Were Playing


Miles Stephens, Chrissy Teigen, and Luna Stephens attend the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 03, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Having kids seems like the rollercoaster of rollercoasters. I mean, you truly don't know what you're going to get on any given day.

The latest adventure in the Teigen/Legend (well, Stephens) household involved little Miles, 4, literally knocking his 6-year-old sister Luna's tooth out.

Their mom Chrissy Teigen filmed the mishap and posted it to her Instagram Stories, with Miles running in from outside and shouting, "Mom! I got Luna's tooth out."

Teigen didn't seem too shaken up about the incident, though. "You did?!" she asked, laughing.

Miles then said a bunch of words I couldn't quite make out, concluding, "it just came out!" He was closely followed by Luna and Teigen's mom Vilailuck into the house.

"You hit her mouth and it came out?" Teigen continued.

But Luna wanted to make sure her little brother didn't get into trouble. "He accidentally did it," she said, holding out the tooth, and showing off the gap in the front of her mouth where it looks like three teeth are missing total.

You see, that's the clincher: A clever little google informed me that kids' baby teeth tend to fall out around age 6, so it's not like Miles has that powerful a left hook at his tender age—Luna's tooth was probably all set to fall out anyway. That also explains why she was as unbothered by the incident as her mother was.

Teigen also recently shared a selfie with her adorable daughter when she was missing just (I think) one tooth, captioning it, "tooth fairy time." So.

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