Christie Brinkley Wrote a Self-Love Poem for Her 70th Birthday

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Christie Brinkley on Instagram
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Supermodel Christie Brinkley is no longer wasting time disliking what she sees in the mirror, and there's a deep lesson in there for all of us.

For her birthday earlier this month, as she celebrated turning 70, Brinkley wrote herself a very wholesome poem about self-love, which she then kindly shared with the rest of us via Instagram, alongside mirror selfies of her looking happy, strong and workout-ready.

She wrote:

"Looking in the mirror on my 70th Birthday and what do I see,
I’m finally happy with the person looking back back at me
I’m no longer critical and demanding
now I’m grateful and understanding
I’ve put this body thru it
I’ve broken every bone,
in tiny miracles I’m all healed
in my heart and soul I’m home
It’s taken 70 years to get here,
in tears and joy I’ve found my happy ,
so now I’m going to end this poem
before I get too sappy!

"Happy Birthday Indeed!"

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Commenters were completely taken with Brinkley's words and energy, with one writing, "Happy 70th Birthday, Christie!!! You are beyond blessed with beauty, grace, elegance, vibrancy and wit! May you continue to enjoy good health and happiness…you make 70 look fabulous!!"

And BTW, the supermodel's Alo bra is available to buy if you're eyeing it up (it's also a fave of fellow fashion girlie Kendall Jenner).

If Brinkley's Instagram is anything to go by, she appears to spend her days looking fabulous, smiling and laughing with joy, and being a supportive mom—as exemplified by her sweet show of support for daughter Alexa Ray Joel when she dueted with dad Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden. What a life!

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