David Beckham's Hotness Evolution In 50 Photos

Like a fine wine, he gets better with time.

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David Beckham is a man with many sides–soccer legend, fashion icon, doting husband and father, and sex symbol. At 43 years old, he still ranks as one of the sexiest and best-dressed celebrities in the entire world. But while he's always been smolderingly good-looking, some of the British hunk's early fashion and grooming choices were...questionable. We've gathered here for you the best and worst of Beckham's metamorphosis from his floppy-haired early soccer days to the zaddy we know and love.

Soccer - England U-18
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Look at this adorable, fresh-faced young thing! This 18-year-old has no idea what's in his future. (Hint: It's universal athletic respect, a great wife and kids, and handsomeness.)

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That blonde hair! That shag cut! That gorgeous sweater! I'm salivating over here, pardon me.

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David Beckham 1996
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Young David, looking so cool and casual, waiting on the soccer pitch. We're loving the uniform the most.

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Premiership Title 1997
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Look at how cute he is with his long hair and the army green suit and his trophy! (Beckham's team, Manchester United had just won the English Premiere League.)

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SHOWBIZ Spice Posh ring
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20 years later, and this is still the best day of my life (that would be the day Becks and Posh Spice announced their engagement). The two of them are so happy, and they were just beginning their rise as fashion royalty. They've always been couple goals.

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Victoria Adams & David Beckham, Backstage After Whitney Houston Concert, At Wembley Arena, London
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A velvet jacket and a floppy Nick Carter haircut? Sign us up for this late-nineties hotness.

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'Versace Club' Gala Party In London
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Is it safe to say "the couple that leathers together, stays together"? If so, it clearly worked out for Victoria and David.

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David Beckham
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The 2000s marked an era in the David Beckham's Hair Choices: He waffled throughout the decade between a buzz-cut and his longer locks. Either way, we're into it.

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Withnail & I Screening In London
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The Matrix had its moment in fashion history, this was far from the worst version.

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Man U v Spurs Beckham & son
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Father and son Brooklyn are both adorable. The matching jerseys and David's earrings are totally swoon-worthy.

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This photo has everything: David Beckham on an early-aughts cell phone, in sunglasses, wearing a strange choice in sweaters. We're not complaining, though. He looks great.

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Becks and Victoria have never shied away from a matching ensemble—this is just the first of many. Her jumpsuit with the cut-outs, his cream-and-white hued outfit does it all.

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The sunglasses and the jacket can stay in 2002, the rest can come with us.

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Beckham Commonwealth Games
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Another early-2000s look Becks embraced? The Adidas tracksuit. He loved an Adidas tracksuit as much as Jennifer Lopez loved a Juicy Couture tracksuit. Tracksuits were a thing, okay?

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England captain David Beckham at Downing Street
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What a look for a specific time period. The young dad was still figuring it out, and even if his suit jacket doesn't fit, he still looks good.

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The wrist injury and the roses almost make up for the pony tail and the ill-fitting jeans. Almost.

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The long hair, the leather jacket, the autobiography?! Where do we sign up?

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The happy couple has never been afraid to go for a daring fashion moment—this one from the 2003 MTV Movie Awards is just one of many standout ensembles the pair donned.

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Launch of First Adidas Sports Performance Store in London
Goffredo di CrollalanzaGetty Images

See, we told you he had an affinity for Adidas track suits. This time it's for an Adidas event. Also, why is he only wearing one shoe?

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Pepsi Advert Premiere
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This jacket-and-jeans-and-silk scarf grouping is totally giving off modern-day Hugh Hefner vibes, and I'm seriously all about it.

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117th IOC Session In Singapore-Day 2
Andrew WongGetty Images

There is always time for a pin-stripe. Always. Again, these two know how to coordinate outfits better than anyone else on Earth.

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Laureus World Sports Awards
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Victoria and David literally look like a mermaid and a spy assigned to keep her mermaid identity undercover (remake of Splash, anyone?). Notice how that dress moves and how handsome he looks, and tell me that's an incorrect assessment. I'll wait.

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Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes - Wedding Preparation
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That sweater screams "David Beckham is on a winter vacation in Aspen and he's very relaxed!"

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Sport Industry Awards 2007 - Red Carpet and Photocall
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The look on David's face clearly says "I look good...but my wife looks incredible." Most attractive couple on the face of the Earth? We'd say so.

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Mark Milan Archive
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Sure, the bleach blonde is a shocker, but Becks manages to pull it off, especially by pairing it with that perfectly tailored suit.

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David and Victoria Beckham Sighting at Nobu - March 26, 2007
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David's love for chunky knits isn't saved for sweaters–as evidenced by this beanie. It signals "I'm fashionable, but also comfortable." Just the way we like you, David.

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David and Victoria Beckham Launch Their New Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection at Macy's - Inside
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Our favorite couple stuns at the launch of the Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection. Becks is back to the buzzcut, this time with a red-and-grey-striped suit.

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The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute Annual Gala - Arrivals
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The 2008 Met Gala was "superhero themed," but Victoria and David didn't have to work very hard to be the fashion superheroes we already knew they were. David looks like Batman, Iron Man, and James Bond all wrapped up in a one attractive package.

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Celebrity Sightings in New York - September 26, 2008
James DevaneyGetty Images

We love a man who mixes patterns, especially when he dares to mix more than two. David is definitely giving off "Hot Army Guy In A Fashion Editorial" vibes here, and we're not mad.

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2008 Teen Choice Awards - Press Room
Jon KopaloffGetty Images

David—never one to shy away from a plaid...or a vest—looks so young (he's 33) and fresh here, you'd never know he was the father of three.

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