The Queen and Her Corgis Through the Years: A Retrospective

Nobody was more loyal to her corgis than the Queen.

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Peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, the late Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis: There are some things that just go together, and QEII and her ubiquitous pups are definitely an iconic pairing. Since she was a very young girl, Queen Elizabeth II was surrounded by corgis and dorgis (yes, that's a dachshund-and-corgi mix). The dogs have met American presidents, attended formal events, and even taken trips with the monarch and her family. In her latter years, the Queen mourned the loss of several of her pets (and reportedly decided to stop breeding them), but was still spotted with a cutie pup by her side—or in her car window—every now and then.

As we celebrate the late Queen Elizabeth's extraordinary life, here are the sweetest photos of she and her corgis through the years.

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