Celebrity Exes Who Worked Together After a Breakup

The awkwardness after you and an ex have broken up can last for a while, but here are some celebrities who had to work with their ex after things ended.

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Ever run into an ex at a coffee shop and want to melt into the ground? Sometimes it can feel like an ex is literally everywhere and you're completely unable to escape them. And having a relationship in the spotlight makes things even harder! But someone great once said, "the show must go on," and for these celebs, ahead, they had no choice but to get back to work after their breakup. To make us feel a little bit better about our last run-in with our ex, here's a list of celebs who mixed business and pleasure and had to get back to work after things went south. Some had some nice things to say about their former flings, others...not so much.

Bianca Rodriguez

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