Taylor Swift's 30th Birthday Pics Are Thoroughly Epic

See all of the personal pictures from Taylor Swift's epic, holiday-themed 30th birthday party.

iHeartRadio's Z100 Jingle Ball 2019 Presented By Capital One - Show
iHeartRadio's Z100 Jingle Ball 2019 Presented By Capital One - Show
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Taylor Swift kicked off her 30s with an epic, Christmas-themed birthday party. Nothing about this is particularly surprising considering A) Taylor Swift is known for throwing amazing parties, B) Those parties frequently have a theme, and C) Her birthday, December 13th (thus her lucky number, 13), is very close to Christmas anyway.

"Honestly spending my 30th with the fans who have made my life what it is at jingle ball, then throwing the most aggressive holiday party known to womankind... I just.. seriously feel so lucky for you all and will spend forever trying to find ways to say thank you. *cries in Christmas tree*," Taylor wrote in the caption for just one of the several galleries of shots from the shindig she posted on Instagram.

Scroll down for all of Taylor's personal pics from the party, as well as shots that some of her friends (the guest list included everyone from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt to her childhood BFF, Abigail Anderson Lucier) posted as well.

1. A Cat Lady cake

"VerifiedFur real guys this was my cake 🎂," Taylor captioned this picture.

2. An intense guest list

"Happy birthday but make it santa 🎅," Taylor captioned her first series of star-studded photo booth pics.

3. And a never-ending one, apparently. 

Taylor described her 30th birthday bash as the "most aggressive holiday party known to womankind." Fair.

4. Halsey's choice party pic

"I have no idea what was happening here. Birthday angel turned Thir-tay 🦋," the singer captioned this picture from the par-tay.

5. Fletcher's Instagram Story

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Fletcher opted for a more low-key Story post, in which she said 'the North Pole is quaking."

Eliotte Nicole posted almost as many pictures from the bash as Taylor.

"Last night was one for the books!It was such an honor to wrap up the year on the legendary stage at @thegarden , playing with the best in the business with our fearless leader @taylorswift , all while celebrating her 30th birthday! 🎊🥰🎉," she wrote with her gallery of shots from the party. "Now that I’m back on the other side of the country, I’m trying to process the joy that is causing this smile to still remain on my face. I’m so grateful for these people and these experiences. Taylor, thanks for making it all possible. I’m so excited to see how you conquer this next decade of life. You are a treasure of a human and a friend. 💝😍💝"

7. Kamilah Marshall's Story post

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Kamilah Marshall also opted for an IG Story post to commemorate the night.

8. Jeslyn's amazing Boomarang

Jeslyn, one of Taylor's backup singers, went the extra mile with this Boomarang video, which came with an lengthy, gushing caption about Taylor.

"To the girl who lights up every room she steps in, who’s hellos are always paired with a giant hug, who genuinely cares so deeply for her people, who’s gracious generosity is ever flowing, who makes every single person around her feel valued and special, who’s resilient and fights hard for what’s fair even if it doesn’t benefit her, who’s love knows no bounds, and who’s strength is so incredibly inspiring," she wrote. "@taylorswift ~ wishing you the happiest thirtieth birthday your magically imaginative unicorn brain can paint! I cannot wait to celebrate YOU!! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.. and for letting me shake it off with you thus far.💃🏻 Love you more than you know. Cheers to ThirTAY!!! 🍾🥂💕"

9. Antoni Porowski's fun group shot

"30 THIR-TAY 30 🎂," he captioned the fun pic.

10. Which Kevin Harrington also shared...

"Minutes/4 vodka sodas later I was in the green tree dress #happybtay," he revealed in the caption.

"Don’t threaten me with a good time 😏HAPPY DIRTY THIR-TAY 🎉🎁," the stylist captioned the gallery of party shots.

"VerifiedTHIR-TAY! 🤶🏻 @taylorswift we‘ll leave the choreography to you 👀3rd swipe," the model wrote.

"Celebrating the Dirty Thir-Tay!!! Happy birthday @taylorswift ! 🎉🎉🎉," the physical therapist wrote in the post's caption.

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