Here's How Celebrities Are Celebrating Fourth of July 2020

Jessica Biel nailed it with her post.

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Like, well, pretty much every holiday in 2020, the Fourth of July is looking quite a bit different this year. Usually, people would celebrate with beach bonfires with friends, backyard barbecues, and by turning out for huge community fireworks shows. In the time of lockdown during a global pandemic, none of those things are really on the table. Across the country, people are looking for low-key, socially distant ways to celebrate the holiday and use it as a chance to reflect on America's complicated history with freedom and independence—and celebs are no exception.

From Cindy Crawford's patriotic reminder about what freedom really means to Goldie Hawn's romantic tribute to Kurt Russell to Reese Witherspoon's call to action encouraging people to show their patriotism by voting, here's how some of your favorite celebs are celebrating the Fourth of July this year.

1. Cindy Crawford

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"We're experiencing good and necessary change right now in this country... and while July 4th represents freedom, it didn’t always represent freedom for ALL. Today is a great reminder that we still have a lot of work to do ❤️ ."

2. Hillary Clinton

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"In dark times, it's important to remember that America can be what we make of it. We have more power than we can imagine when we wield it together. Let's keep raising our voices, marching, and registering to vote. We’ll celebrate all we accomplish next Independence Day. 🇺🇸"

3. Jessica Biel

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"This time last year we were practicing our apocalypse skills... unaware that the world would actually be a VERY different place soon. Let's take today to spend with family SAFELY (for real, wear a mask pls) and remember that while July 4th represents freedom, we still have a lot of work to do in this country for real progress."

4. Ryan Seacrest

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"Happy Fourth!"

5. Reese Witherspoon

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"Celebrate your Independence by making sure you are registered to vote! It’s up to every U.S. citizen to be part of creating the change you want to see in our country. Let’s get involved in our communities, our schools, our local governments. Your participation MATTERS."

6. John Legend

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"Dada's shoulders!"

7. Drew Barrymore

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8. Goldie Hawn

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"Nature enlivens the heart. Kurt and I took to the road. Look what we found: nature’s perfection! We are all as perfect as we desire. Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 My love abound 😍"

9. Neil Patrick Harris

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"Happy Fourth of Jul-eye!..........I’m fine."

10. Nina Dobrev

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"July 4th, 2020."

11. Miranda Lambert

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"Happy 4th y’all!!! 💗🐶🚎🎇🇺🇸Delta Dawn says don’t forget to put your pets somewhere safe tonight before the fireworks."

12. Emmy Rossum


13. Kate Hudson

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"Going into the long weekend like... 💚"

14. Francia Raisa

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"Vanessa Guillen, today I’m honoring you. You are the definition of brave. Thank you for not only serving our country, but for trying to speak up, for trying to use your voice to protect yourself and other women.

•For those that are new to Vanessa’s story (though millions of women share a similar one), Vanessa was sexually harassed and decided to speak up. The day before she was planning to report it she disappeared and we recently found out, murdered. The U.S Army didn’t just fail to protect her, they tried to cover it up, dragging their feet in her search. At least 25% of women in the military have been sexually assaulted and 80% sexually harassed.

•I’ll say it again, you are the very definition of brave. And if you have a similar story, I am speaking to you as well. We must do a better job protecting those who protect us. And we must continue to fight for justice! we call this country the land of the free and home of the brave. Today won’t be a celebration until we feel free to be brave."

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