Celebrities Share Their Pregnancy Cravings

Finding out what stars ate during their pregnancies feels weirdly relatable.

celeb pregnancy cravings
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It's not just a funny joke: Pregnancy really does go hand-in-hand with some strange cravings. While the science on exactly why this happens isn't completely concrete, doctors believe that a mix of hormone shifts, nutrient deficiencies, and a heightened sense of taste and smell can result in an expecting mother wanting a very specific food item. It usually consists of a food she hasn't eaten in years, seriously disliked before she got pregnant, or never even thought about before. When it comes to these food cravings, pregnant celebrities really are just like the rest of us.

It's definitely not uncommon for famous expectant mothers to be asked about the weird or interesting foods they've been thinking about the most during their pregnancies, and, lucky for us, most stars aren't shy about sharing their answers. Anyone who has experienced intense cravings of their own can relate to that feeling of wanting—no, needing—to eat something completely random and only feeling satisfied when you get exactly that. Ahead, a look at what a handful of celebrities have craved during their pregnancies.

Adam Schubak

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