How Celebrities Are Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020

This year, Thanksgiving (like, well, everything else about life) has to look a little—or, in some cases, a lot—different than what we're all used to. That also goes for celebrities, who are doing what the rest of us are doing: Trying to find ways to modify their favorite traditions to celebrate the holiday safely and responsibly amid a global pandemic. Even though 2020 has been, in many ways, the dumpster fire of a year to end all dumpster fire years, there's still plenty to be thankful for and, since that's at the heart of what the holiday people all over the United States are celebrating today, it's worth all of the modifying and downsizing and social distancing that has to be done to still rally to engaged in our annual giving thanks traditions.

From Katie Holmes, who is thinking back on her Thanksgiving-y classic Pieces of April to Friends legend Jennifer Aniston, who is celebrating the occasion the best way possible—with her dog—to Reese Witherspoon, who actually kicked off her celebration a day early by stealthily sneaking an early bite of pie, here's a look how celebrities are marking Thanksgiving 2020.

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