Hailey and Justin Bieber Have a Cozy Date Night At The Toronto Maple Leafs Game

Just the two of them. Plus thousands of screaming hockey (and Bieber) fans.

hailey bieber justin bieber
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber's latest sporty date night appearance did help their team win the game. But at least they still got a ton of applause.

The couple attended the Toronto Maple Leafs versus Ottawa Senators in Toronto on Wednesday night, representing their home team in matching looks.

The singer donned a Maple Leafs jacket with a backwards hat, while the supermodel looked adorable in a team baseball hat and blue turtleneck with a black leather jacket on top.

The pair, along with Will Arnett, were shouted during the game for being in attendance and of course, featured on the jumbotron. When the camera panned to them, they were seen cozied up in a box watching the game. When she pointed to her Maple Leafs hat, the crowd went wild.

Not only that -- a group of young dancers and the Maple Leafs mascot performed an entire choreographed dance number to Bieber's songs.

The Biebers have attended plenty of Maple Leafs games over the course of their relationship. In 2022, the pair sat rinkside and Justin wore an... interesting look.

This time they kept a much lower profile, but still looked adorable nonetheless.

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