Jon Bon Jovi Compares Millie Bobby Brown's Romance with His Son to His Own Marriage

"It is an accelerated version of what I went through 40 years ago."

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi
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Jon Bon Jovi knows his son and his fiancée are young, but their relationship has his blessing.

During a wide-ranging interview with The Times published on Saturday, the legendary rock star discussed Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown's engagement, likening it to his decades-long marriage to Jake's mom, Dorothea Hurley Bongiovi.

"I've gotten to know her in the last year. She works really hard, and she and Jake will grow together in their own way,” Bon Jovi said to The Times (via Us Weekly). "It is an accelerated version of what I went through 40 years ago. And I think, with the support of family around them, they're gonna be great together."

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi holding hands in London

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi in London

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Brown and Bongiovi announced their engagement last April—and the Stranger Things star is perfectly content with tying the knot in her early 20s. "I know that Jake and I will be okay," Brown said to Glamour in November. "It's like, why wait? Let's go for it."

Bon Jovi has been supportive of his son's engagement in previous interviews, too. In early February, he told E! News the couple was "growing together" and was "madly in love."

The couple hasn't announced a wedding date yet, but there's at least one more A-lister who will be in attendance. Brown's Stranger Things co-star (and onscreen "papa") Matthew Modine will officiate the ceremony. Their loved ones all seem to be on board with their relationship, so maybe it's time for fans to give the whole "are they too young?" discussion a rest.

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