Millie Bobby Brown Sweetly Chooses One of Her 'Stranger Things' Castmates to Officiate Her Upcoming Wedding

"It's such a beautiful thing, to be able to join two people in holy matrimony."

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi
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Millie Bobby Brown's wedding was always going to be a star-studded affair. After all, the Stranger Things actress—an A-lister in her own right—is marrying the son of one of the most famous rock stars of all time, Jon Bon Jovi. But now, the ceremony itself just got a little more star power: actor Matthew Modine will officiate Brown's nuptials.

Brown and Jake Bongiovi got engaged last April, with Brown shaking off criticism about how she was only 19 when the engagement started. "I know I should do this now," Brown said to Glamour at the time. "I know that Jake and I will be okay.” The pair hasn't announced a wedding date yet, but the lovebirds have been dating since 2021.

Modine, who played Brown's captor-slash-father-figure on the Netflix series, shared with Access Hollywood that he'll be officiating the ceremony. "I have one of those licenses to get people married," Modine said, "and Millie thought it'd be great, and then Jake said it would be a great idea, so I wrote the wedding vows. And they loved what I wrote for them to join hands and to become husband and wife."

It won't be the actor's first time officiating a wedding, he added; he had the honor of officiating an outdoor COVID wedding for two of his pals, too. "It's such a beautiful thing, to be able to join two people in holy matrimony," Modine said. He would know—he and his wife, Caridad Rivera, have been married for 44 years.

While their Stranger Things characters' relationship was more than a bit twisted, Modine and Brown clearly have a healthy offscreen friendship. Modine is friends with the rest of the cast, too—he and Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas on the show, recently attended a Knicks game together.

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