"Emily in Paris" Fans Want Kim Cattrall to Make a Samantha Jones Cameo

The crossover the world needs right now.

 Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones
(Image credit: HBO/Netflix)

Kim Cattrall has been notably absent from TV screens this year. The actress famously didn’t join her Sex and the City co-stars for the And Just Like That… reboot, and television just hasn’t been quite as interesting as a result.

There are many theories as to why Cattrall didn’t return to the SATC franchise (a scheduling conflict? a feud with Sarah Jessica Parker?), but none are quite as interesting as the one currently circulating among Netflix fans. The theory: Kim will be reprising her role of Samantha Jones for Season 3 of Emily in Paris.

The idea was introduced by Vulture's TV Critic Jen Chaney on Twitter: “Current theory: Samantha has supposedly moved overseas, hence her lack of presence in the new SATC TV Series,” she wrote. “Then she shows up by total surprise in a crossover episode of EMILY IN PARS. I would watch Samantha try to tolerate Emily, 100 percent.”

If your first reaction is “huh?” you’re not alone. At first glance, Cattrall has absolutely nothing to do with the Lily Collins vehicle. But once you consider that Emily in Paris was created by Darren Star (who also created Sex and the City) and has costumes designed by Patricia Field (who also designed costumes for Sex and the City), the leap of logic doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched.

The proposed crossover makes sense on a narrative level, as well. Samantha Jones is a public relations executive, while Emily Cooper is a marketing executive. Perhaps their paths could cross on a career level?

What’s more, the writers of And Just Like That… explained Samantha’s absence by having her move to London. The recent finale of Emily in Paris showed Emily considering another move—potentially to join her love interest in London. Perhaps they run into each other while walking down Carnaby Street?

Other fans are theorizing that Samantha will be the one to make the move, relocating to Paris to become Emily’s new boss. Whatever the case, everyone is dying for Samantha to give Emily a much-needed dose of reality—in her typical no-nonsense, tough-love fashion, of course.

Cattrall has not responded to these rumors, although she did share a photo with Patricia Field on Instagram back in September. That’s more than enough to fuel our theories for another few months.

Caitlin Morton
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