Sustainable Queen Kim Kardashian Wrapped All of Her Christmas Gifts in $48 Skims T-Shirts

And fans were not impressed...

Kim Kardashian Skims Gifts
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Well, it's safe to say that Kim Kardashian loves Christmas. I've never seen someone take to the holidays as she has. From a chocolate-filled bathtub for Elf on the Shelf to a driveway lined with snow-tipped Christmas trees, Kardashian will stop at nothing to create a very Merry Christmas.

Now it's time to put gifts under her towering Christmas tree, and Kardashian has taken a slightly more unusual route. In lieu of wrapping paper, Kardashian has wrapped all of her gifts in cotton... or, more specifically, her Skims jersey cotton t-shirts!

These Skims t-shirts are priced at $48 a piece, which costs more than the gifts I'm wrapping. In photos and videos posted to her stories, you can see over a dozen gifts, which must require a lot of t-shirts.

Kardashian did this to be more sustainable, as she says all of the t-shirts will be reused afterwards.

"I just wanted to show you guys that I used Skims cotton fabric for my wrapping this year, and I'm gonna re-use it," she said on her Instagram.

"When everyone opens it, I'm gonna take the fabric and re-use [it] on stuff I make for my family," she said. "I thought it was a really fun and cool to have something you can re-use over and over again."

It's definitely more sustainable than traditional wrapping paper, and I'm curious how she'll reuse these t-shirts afterwards.

Fans also took to social media to express their criticism of Kardashian's unique wrapping choices.

"This really looks so sad. No color at all," one person wrote in the comments, referencing the all-white gifts and minimal ornaments on the tree.

Another user agreed with this sentiment, "The saddest looking Christmas tree and from someone so rich, too. Christmas should be bright and loud, not cold and beige."

Some commented that they didn't appreciate Kardashian using Christmas gifts for her family as a way to promote her brand. They felt this took away from a special moment for her children and turned something personal into another business opportunity.

I'm mainly just impressed that Kardashian and her team managed to wrap gifts using t-shirts, as I'm still struggling to gift wrap a simple candle!

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Kim Kardashian Christmas

(Image credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian)

Kim Kardashian Christmas

(Image credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian)
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