Kim Kardashian Carried Yet Another Absurd Handbag: A Crystallized Stiletto

Last week, we saw her with a jumbo-sized Birkin and Erewhon grocery bag. Now, a shoe purse.

Getty Images in a Balenciaga outfit and carrying a crystal heel clutch
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When you’re Kim Kardashian, sitting courtside at the Lakers game in head-to-toe Balenciaga is less than shocking. In fact, it’s to be expected. But showing up to the game with a crystal-embellished stiletto that doubles as a purse in hand? Now, that's something we need to discuss. The SKIMS mogul attended the Lakers game on Dec. 5 with her son Saint West and flew anything but under the radar. While we lowly sports watchers might carry a foam finger or an extra-large popcorn into the arena, Kardashian carried Balenciaga's heel clutch, a Cinderella-esque stiletto-turned-purse fresh from the brand's pre-fall 2024 collection.

Naturally, Kim's shoe purse wasn't her only outrageous accessory in tow. She also sported a pair of wrap-around Balengiaca shield-style sunglasses that added even more dystopian energy to her monochrome skin-tight bodysuit and oversized leather jacket outfit. There's no denying her look is completely absurd for a basketball outing, but if 2023 taught us one thing, it's that sports games aren't about sports—they're about fashion statements!

Kim Kardashian Lakers game in an all-black Balenciaga outfit carrying an embellished stiletto-style purse

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Now, let's get back to more discussion on Balenciaga's heel clutch. The purse, which we can only imagine fits a travel-sized lip gloss and perhaps an air tag, debuted a few days ago on the streets of Los Angeles during Balenciaga's latest runway show. The silhouette, modeled after the label's infamous "knife" shoe, also comes in an all-black option. Kim wasn't the first to take the shoe-bag out for a spin-off runway, though. Bottoms star Rachel Sennott recently carried the black colorway during the 2023 Academy Museum Gala on Dec 3rd, so we can only guess this purse will be for 2024, what the J.W. Anderson Pigeon purse was for 2023. It's just another satirical handbag for us fashionphiles to pine over *sighs*.

Kim is making a habit of catching headlines with her unique choice of handbags. Just last week, the reality TV star-entrepreneur-upcoming movie star was seen carrying a mega-sized Birkin bag with a resale value of $110,000. The Kardashians are known to have an impressive Birkin collection, but the "ludicrously capacious" style still left our jaws dropped. As if those two bags weren't enough silliness for one week, while attending the Balenciaga L.A. show, the fashion house's creative director, Demna, suited Kim in yet another nonsensical handbag—an Erewhon paper shopping bag.

At this point, we must ask ourselves, "When will the madness end?!" and "Should I carry my pointed-toe heel as a purse instead of on my feet?" Answers: never and probably.

Melony Forcier
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