Lily Allen and David Harbour Share Cute Christmas Snaps from India

Their hollies seemed jollied.

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Who among us hasn't wanted to run off to another country to celebrate the holidays? Admit it: for as much as you love your families, the daydream of faffing off with the apple of your eye (or, heck, even going solo) to somewhere far away from your normal routine sounds perfect, doesn't it? Well, that's exactly what Lily Allen and David Harbour have done this Christmas, and we're loving the adorable snaps they shared from their time in India.

the singer and her actor husband—now in their third year of marriage—spent some time in the weekend leading up to Christmas day with Allen's two children in Paris. In a separate post, Allen praised a local Rothko art exhibit, as well as the gorgeous hotel they stayed in, the Hôtel Rochechouart.

But sometime after that, Harbour and Allen decided to pop off to India, sharing a lovers' holiday in the lush and colorful country. Taking in the sights (and no doubt a cup of chai), the duo are seen riding around making silly faces and enjoying their time together.

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Of course it wasn't all selfies and scenery—Allen shared several other snaps from the trip, including trips to the market and rides on the metro (complete with Harbour playing the perfectly polished Birkin bag man).

They paint a pretty picture these two, don't they?

Needless to say, we're a bit jealous of the duo's trip. But with a new year just around the corner, who says we can't plan our own romantic getaway for two for next Christmas? Anyone else?

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