Lizzo ISN'T Pregnant With Chris Evans' Baby, She Confirms During 'SNL' Monologue

Glad that's settled!

Lizzo wearing Yitty shapewear
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Lizzo would like to settle a few rumors once and for all, OK? Stop gossiping, you little gossips.

The star hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and she used her monologue to make sure we can all tell what's real from what's not.

"While I'm here, I do want to address some rumors," the... "Rumors" singer said. "I've heard a lot of gossip online that I'm dating every little white boy in Hollywood? They think I'm collecting members of One Direction like Infinity Stones."

She continued, "I even heard a rumor that I'm pregnant with Chris Evans' baby?? I have no idea where that one started. It could be the TikTok I did where I said, 'I'm pregnant with Chris Evans' baby.'"

*cue laughs and claps*

"It's called manifesting," Lizzo concluded. Fair enough.

In her speech, the singer tried her best to break the record for how many times a person said "bitch" on live TV, and did honorably.

She also gave us her DNA breakdown in a bit more detail than we were privy to on "Truth Hurts," in which she claimed to be "100 percent that bitch."

"Well, to be completely honest, I'm really like 50 percent that bitch, 10 percent boss bitch, and 40 percent flute-playing band nerd bitch," she explained.

So Lizzo is obviously adding comedian to her already many pages-long resume. ICYMI, said resume now also includes TV producer and shapewear designer, and it doesn't look like she's intending to stop there. Thankfully for all of us. Can't wait for her next career move, TBH.

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