There's Another Reason Meghan Markle Isn't Attending the Coronation, Royal Expert Claims

It's not just about Archie's birthday.

Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle won't be attending the coronation on May 6 with Prince Harry.

While their son Prince Archie is turning four that day, it's clear to most observers that this won't have been the only factor in the Duchess of Sussex' decision to stay back in California.

For royal commentator Afua Hagan, the duchess is likely trying to dodge the intense and aggressive media scrutiny she faces every time she sets foot in the U.K.

"That has got to be quite frustrating and annoying, given she is just living her life and going about her business supporting her husband," Hagan told Express.

"She doesn’t want to put herself through all that because it’s not worth it."

For Hagan, the duchess' decision not to come puts her back in the driver's seat of her own life.

"She has taken away the ability for people to criticize what she’s wearing, what she’s doing, or not getting in a car the right way," the expert said.

"People won’t be able to mock her.

"That is part of the reason she didn’t want to give them the sideshow. She didn’t want to let them tear strips off her.

"I think that played a huge part in her decision."

While Hagan thought that Harry and Meghan would end up attending the coronation together, other commentators have said that this arrangement was the best one for everyone involved.

"I think this was always the best compromise, particularly given Archie's fourth birthday, that he should come and Meghan should not," royal expert Jennie Bond previously said.

In the meantime, speculation is rife as to what the future holds for the duchess from now on. Royal author Robert Jobson believes that this signals Meghan will no longer be attending royal events at all. Speaking of Prince Harry's attendance, Jobson said, "the fact his wife is not attending means it is now highly unlikely we will ever see her attend an official or Palace event again—apart from maybe the King’s funeral."

Other experts have hypothesized that Meghan will use the extra time from not traveling to the U.K. to relaunch her career, perhaps by reviving her blog The Tig or by writing her own memoir. We shall see!

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