Millie Bobby Brown Wears "Wifey" Shorts After Wedding to Jake Bongiovi

Also, a "wife of the party" hat.

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Millie Bobby Brown is proud to be a "wifey."

The actress, who married her partner Jake Bongiovi in May, posted new photos of the two of them enjoying a fun day out at Universal Studios Orlando, in which she's wearing denim shorts that say "wifey" on the back in a collegiate font, plus a hat that says "wife of the party," and a t-shirt that seems to say something similar but is hidden in the pictures.

Bongiovi, as for him, opted for a pair of American-flag shorts. He was also wearing a white hat, which might have said "the party," because that's A Thing.

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If you're looking for some similar kitschy items for your honeymoon or bachelorette, you can shop them below!

Bongiovi's famous father, Jon Bon Jovi, confirmed last week that his son had married the Stranger Things actress. Asked how they were doing during an appearance on BBC's The One Show, he said, "They're great. They're absolutely fantastic. It was a very small family wedding. The bride looked gorgeous, and Jake is happy as can be, and yeah, it's true!"

After the event, the newlyweds headed straight to the Hamptons, and now seem to be continuing their honeymoon tour in Orlando.

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Brown received some unsolicited comments about getting engaged at 19 years old (she is now 20), but she explained to Glamour in 2023 that she didn't see any reason to wait. "It’s like—I know I should make this movie now. I know I should write this book now. I know I should do this now," she said.

"It’s not because I can’t do it in 10 years; of course I can do it in 10 years. But why, when I know that it’s going to work now? Just like Florence [by Mills, her beauty line] will be there in 10 years. You’ll be able to see my movie in 10 years on TV. And I know that Jake and I will be OK."

Meanwhile, Bongiovi's rockstar dad has been vocal about his support of the sweet young couple, even comparing them to his own relationship with his wife of 35 years, Dorothea Hurley.

Wishing the lovebirds many happy years ahead!

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