Watch Pharrell and Miley Cyrus' New Video for 'Come Get It Bae'

"Beauty has no expiration date."

There's no denying the sexual nature of Pharrell and Miley Cyrus' track "Come Get It Bae," but make no mistake, their new video is all about women's liberation.

Much like Pharrell's offering for "Marilyn Monroe," the video, directed by Luis Cerveró, stars a diverse troupe of women who show off their dance moves on the set of a photo shoot. Pharrell is devilishly handsome behind a vintage camera lens, decked out in an ivory fedora, acid-wash denim jacket, grey jeans, and a rosary bead necklace. He may have the looks and charisma of a David Bailey-type, but it's no scene out of Blow Up (1966). He's celebrating the individuality of each woman as they get turnt up to his bouncy track, the second single off of his album G I R L. Then comes Miley...

Cyrus finally appears halfway through the video, and not in subdued fashion either, natch. The 21-year-old dons her latest hairstyle; a platinum blonde top knot adorned with flowers and ice cream cones, as well as a track jacket, white halter crop top, and denim cut-offs. She dances around Pharrell, pours sugar into a yellow smiley face coffee mug, and shows off her steez.

Watch the video, below, and make sure Pharrell's message sticks with you, ladies: "Beauty has no expiration date."

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