Janelle Monáe Throws A Sorority Party In Her New Music Video

Cameos from T.I., Estelle, Esperanza Spalding, Kimbra, and more!

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Janelle Monáe has finally unveiled the music video for her 2013 album The Electric Lady's groovy title track, and it proves she's just going to keep outdoing herself. The video, an ode to the "Electric Ladies" in her life, finds the singer trading in her signature retro threads for something we didn't see coming: sorority paraphernalia.

Monáe is a member of the Electro Phi Betas Emeritus, a house so stacked it counts Estelle, Esperanza Spaulding, Monica, Kimbra, and choreographer Fatima Robinson as members. We never fancied ourself sorority girls, but we'd surely pledge this soulful society.

The Electro Phi Betas throw a party at their epic dwelling, with a guest list — including T.I. and Givenchy campaign star Erykah Badu — so beau monde there must be a bouncer. The shindig puts every frat party we ever attended to shame with a step team, marching band, strobe lights, and Monáe-led dance circles.

The only drawback of the larger-than-life video is the absence of Solange, who's featured on the track, and the original Electric Lady, Michelle Obama. FLOTUS recently revealed she was the first Electro Phi Beta Meritus inductee:

"I am honored to be the first Electric Lady. I got my letter in the mail — I framed it; it's up," she explained earlier this month. "I love that she is one of the young artists here who is making music that means something. She has a message. She has a voice. She has a power in her. And she understands the responsibility she has within her grasp to take these opportunities and just take off with them. She serves as a role model and an inspiration to so many young people. And I am happy to call her my friend. I am so proud of her."

If the video isn't enough to convince you it's a must-play track for your next summer soirée, believe us when we tell you it'll turn your party on it's head. We've had epic, late-night dance parties to prove it.

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